this blog is about the scams here in Egypt.scams start with the smooth talking Egyptians that seem to be everywhere, in the courts in the police, even the ones who will call you a friend, such as lawyers DO NOT TRUST ANY LAWYER HERE, Muslim Or Christian, this blog is all about the scams from a toy camel to your trusted tour guide, trust no one here ,no one, 25.1.2011 already my suspicions on corruption are true, from Mubarak to the cop with his hand out on the street.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nagaa Hamady, Murdered or killed

These are a few photos of the video I have from the hospital scene. just to prove I have the video all three! two of the hospital and one of A young man being helped from the scene after being shot in the face with a rubber bullet.

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shots taken from pause on my computer screen.

7/2/10. A woman came up to me in the street today and asked if I was Mr Tony Myegypt nothing more was said as she gave me a kingston digital traveler stick. I have just been watching the videos that was taken in secret of the shootings in NAGAA HAMADY, Egypt it shows a young man covered in blood been walked out of the area of gunshot wounds , then there are clips of people covered in blood lying on tables and the floors of the hospital I have to get my translator to see these then I will put them on my blog via you tube ,And facebook,

The video is about this story from the shootings one month ago.

Six Coptic Christians have been killed and ten people wounded in a drive-by shooting in front of a church in southern Egypt.

The attack was staged at midnight on the Coptic Christmas eve.

The five Copts were leaving Mary Gergis Church in the city of Nagaa Hamady after the service when a dark car pulled up in front of the building and unknown assailants opened fire.

Security sources say two Muslims passing the church were also injured.

Christians account for about ten per cent of Egypt's majority-Muslim population of roughly 80 million. Sectarian violence is rare, but religious disputes over issues including land or women occasionally erupt.

Nagaa Hamady is about 40 miles from Luxor, the biggest city in the relatively underdeveloped south of the country. Security around churches is usually increased around Christmas and other religious holidays to prevent sectarian violence.

Medical sources at Qena General Hospital say two of the ten were critically injured. All had gunshot wounds. the video shows at least 5 people died from gunshot wounds in the hospital.

the video I have proves the lies saying the cop was shot dead outside the church the off duty policeman was shot in a taxi.... the taxi was stopped by the three gunmen the Muslim was told to get out of the car then they opened fire on the 2 Christians and the cop who was mistaken for a christian, another man tells how the shooting incident car was driven around with no registration no cop stopped them then they sporadically shot at Cristian on two occasions before they shot at the people outside of the Church. most of the injuries were of men being shot mostly in the upper part of the body. the cops are supposed to shot the lower body in a riot situation. while one of the witnesses was speaking tear gas exploded behind him.

In my case it Clearly shows the lies of this Guvornate when Christians are involved with disputes in the courts. its not so much about corruption but bringing the Muslim lawyer Mustafa Athea to Justice. and how this court is protecting him.

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